• Personal Relationship

    We are dedicated to building a community of disciples with
    a strong personal relationship with Jesus and living the Gospel.
  • Our Mission

    Witness Christ in our community, make a happy & holy parish family.
  • Our Values

    Faith, Integrity, Stewardship, Courage, Excellence, Inclusiveness,
    Co-responsibility and United as "One Body of Christ"
  • Our Parish

    We are a welcoming, supportive community of
    believers inspired by the life of Jesus.
  • Been Away

    Begin or continue your faith journey, so you can find
    true peace, happiness and purpose in life.
  • Our Mission

    We strive to be a community that is inclusive
    and welcoming, where its members
    are valued and respected.
  • The Eucharist

    The Eucharist is at the heart of our faith
    community from which grows our love,
    faith and evangelization.
  • Our attitudes

    We trust in God’s love to support
    and guide us in times of challenge
    and prosperity.
  • Our Vision

    A parish in which the Gospel is preached
    with joy and the wisdom of our tradition,
    the sacraments celebrated
    with dignity and welcome.
  • Five Foundations

    Community, Worship, Evangelization,
    Leadership and Formation.